Car thief drives off – with owner hanging out the door

One car thief drove off with a vehicle that had been seemingly left unattended as it defrosted, only to find the owner hanging out the open car door as he tried to make his getaway – proof positive that car insurance companies are right against warning people to defrost their car without supervision.

Even though motor car insurance providers have been issuing warnings against defrosting vehicles with the keys in the ignition due to car thieves finding these cars easy pickings, 30 year old Amanda Sumner, from Tarnside, Carlisle, did so anyway.  Ms Summer had then found herself having to throw herself across the would-be car thief that attempted to abscond with her vehicle, Kieran Sewell, aged 18.

The end result was that the vehicle careered to a stop, and when Ms Sumner confronted Sewell, the young car thief threatened her with a knife.  However, the would-be criminal, who admitted motoring and assault offences at Carlisle Magistrates’ Court, now faces 120 days of jail time as a result.

Sewell had attempted to steal Ms Sumner’s vehicle as it was defrosting as she prepared to drive her daughter to a nearby birthday party.  The woman ran out when she spotted Sewell getting behind the wheel, flinging herself atop him after opening the door, and was dragged by Sewell down the road before her interference caused him to crash into a nearby tree.

Sewell, who pushed Ms Sumner to the ground and threatened her with his knife before fleeing, was later arrested after police found him hiding in a nearby garden.  Sewell pleaded guilty to driving without a licence and without insurance, aggravated vehicle taking, and assault.

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