Car insurance comparison site reveals cars likeliest to speed

One car insurance comparison site has recently revealed their list of cars with the highest likelihood to be caught speeding on public roads in the UK.

The online discount car insurance comparison website conducted their own research on the subject, discovering that the two cars most often caught speeding were the Range Rover Sport HSE TD6 and the Land Rover Discovery HSE V6 TD.  Discovery owners were found to be the most lead-footed by a significant margin, with an astonshing 26 per cent of them having been pulled over for speeding, according to the online car insurance comparison company’s data.

The other makes and models of motors that were found to have high incidences of being caught speeding, besides the second highest Range Rover Sport’s 20 per cent, included the Ford S-Max Titanium TDCI and BMW 320 DM Sport with identical figures.

The remainder of the list as compiled by the insurance comparison site all had identical rates of 19 per cent.  The list of vehicles ranged across many different types, from cars such as the Mini Cooper TD and Vauxhall Insignia SRI CDTI to the Ford Mondeo Titanium X TDCI and the Mercedes-Benz E320 Avant Garde.

The websites car insurance head, Gareth Kloet, remarked that motoring rules are designed in such a way as to encourage safe driving and minimise the number of accidents on the road.  However, a significant proportion of drivers find it a challenge to drive legally, Mr Kloet commented.

The car insurance head urged drivers to keep on the right side of the law, as doing so will result in not only keep the roads safer for others but can also aid in minimising the cost of your car insurance as well.

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