Female drivers warned to switch to used cars

Motor car insurance experts say that female motorists need to seriously consider switching out their new cars for used ones, as a quality used car can often lead to much more affordable car insurance rates than brand-new ones.

2012 will see average insurance premium prices increase by 15 per cent, according to recently released price forecasts from the AA, leading to even more strain on household  budgets already stretched to the breaking point.  In addition to this, new EU legislative changes are being introduced at the end of the year preventing car insurance companies from using gender as a determinate factor when it comes to providing premium quotes, effectively eliminating discount car insurance for women.

Female motorists need to brace for massive premium increases, as prior to this ruling they enjoyed more reasonably priced insurance as a result of their reduced statistical likelihood of being involved in a road traffic accident.  Now, insurance experts say women may need to scramble to find better rates, with many recommending driving an older motor that is less expensive to insure than a brand-new car.

However, there may be a silver lining to the new legislation, according to the director of AA Insurance, Simon Douglas.  Mr Douglas says that telematics-based insurance may see an increase in popularity, as telematics devices calculate motorist premiums by examining the performance of each individual driver without taking gender into account.

The technology is a product that exhibits gender neutrality in a genuine manner, said the insurance director, as it puts the ownership of safe and responsible motoring firmly in the hands the person behind the wheel, whether they are male or female.

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