Hone your parking skills to keep your car insurance rates low

For motorists who want to keep their car insurance rates low by avoiding road accidents, one driving expert has recently advised them to hone their parking skills.

Institute of Advanced Motorists training head, Simon Elstow, said that being careful and attentive when parking your car can result in preserving your discount car insurance by avoiding accidents.  Mr Elstow’s words came as part of the new Drive & Survive scheme for IAM, which aims to increase motorist skill in order to improve UK road safety.

Some of the tips shared by Mr Elstow included not just frequently checking the mirror but keeping the area surrounding your car in mind whilst attempting to park your car in an effort to avoid hazards.  The IAM training head also stressed taking your time to assess the situation and think about how you’re going to approach a driving task instead of just jumping into it with both feet as a way to keep yourself from getting into accidents that can lead to car insurance companies raising your rates.

Mr Elstow stated that in some situations, such as car parks, the best course of action is to reverse your car into the parking space.  Doing so makes it easier once it comes time to leave, he advised.

Many people can feel stressed by parking, the head of training remarked.  However, as parking is an essential part of getting behind the wheel, Mr Elstow counselled to take your time and not give into the pressure of any other drivers that may be impatient while they wait for you to park.

In related news, Mr Elstow commented that recently that adjusting our head restraint properly can avoid whiplash-related injuries in car accidents.

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