Young driver suspects his motor car insurance is invalid

Many young drivers across the UK are facing sleepless nights this week after suspecting the motor car insurance they paid good money for may have been invalid, as their insurer is under investigation by authorities for fraud.

One particular individual, a 17 year old apprentice chef, had undoubtedly thought he had found an excellent deal when purchasing discount car insurance for young drivers from Aston Midshires insurance.  However, after learning that the insurer was one of several car insurance companies that are being investigated for insurance fraud, he made a call to police on the fear that he had been driving his car illegally and without insurance cover.

Police advised him to not get behind the wheel, and now the young teen suspects he’ll not see his hard-earned cash returned to him from the Leicestershire-based insurer. The individual in question, a former pupil of Coteland’s School, now has an uphill climb ahead of him to save the £2,700 he will need to get his Vauxhall Corsa on the road legally.

The teenager, who lives with his parents, said in a recent interview that he just wanted to be able to drive.  He saved up for months to afford the £600 car and even put down a substantial deposit on his third party fire and theft cover last month.

The insurer, which advertised as being young driver insurance specialists, provided a highly competitive quote, leaving him feeling that he’d gotten a great deal.  However, upon learning that Aston Midshires was being investigated, he was crushed to hear that he’d been hoodwinked.

The teenager’s mother, who, along with his father owns a small business in the local area, was honestly shocked, she said.  With it so being easy to be caught out like her son was, she recommended young motorists and their parents to do thorough checks on any prospective insurers to avoid the risk driving without adequate insurance.

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