Online car insurance provider accused of fraud

An online car insurance provider based in Leicestershire is currently under investigation by Trading Standards, police, and the Financial Services Authority for selling invalid discount car insurance for young drivers, experts say.

The online motor car insurance provider, trading as Aston Midshires Insurance, has allegedly been targeting younger motorists by offering what seemed like highly competitive premium prices to new drivers and learner drivers.  However, following a raft of complaints from motorists unable to get into contact with the insurer, investigative efforts have revealed that many of the provider’s customers may be behind the wheel with invalid cover.

Supposedly based in Enderby, the company is no longer answering calls and has taken down its website.  Moreover, the company’s address, according to the building’s landlord, has never been occupied by an insurance provider.

Drivers who may have been victimised by what could be wholesale insurance fraud would not have any cover if they were involved in a road accident, and any other drivers involved in an accident could also face complications after being involved in a collision with a driver without insurance, experts say.  Individuals with concerns about whether their insurance cover is genuine after purchasing a policy from Aston Midshires should immediately consult the Motor Insurance Database, a free service provided by the Department of Transport and the Motor Insurers’ Bureau, in order to check the status of your cover.

No information has yet been made available to the press in regards to the results of the investigation into Aston Midshires Insurance, its owners and operators, and whether all of the policies it sold were fraudulent.

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