Rural A-road driving should be mandatory to pass driving test

The Institute of Advanced Motorists has recently said it should be a mandatory part of the driving test to spend some time on rural A-roads, as doing so could not only lead young drivers to stay safer by cutting down on road accidents, but it could also result in lowered motor car insurance premiums as well.

The IAM discovered that 82 per cent of fatal and serious traffic accidents occur on roads with single carriageways.  Meanwhile dual carriageways and motorways only account for 18 per cent of these same accidents.

The Institute said that young drivers need to be educated to higher standards in order to increase their level of comfort in certain situations.  Instituting mandatory regulations could not only increase the amount of experience they have behind the wheel but could result in fewer accidents and thus bringing back discount car insurance for young drivers, something that is becoming harder and harder to find in this day and age.

Simon Best, chief executive of IAM, remarked that it was of the utmost importance to educate young drivers on as many different situations they would encounter whilst on the road as possible, though he was quick to add that many of Britain’s roads and cars were extremely safe.  However, roads and cars can only be improved so far, he added, remarking that improvements must be made to the education given to those who drive them in order to further pursue higher road safety records.

Safer roads will also lead to lower car insurance rates, experts say, as the number of claims being made to insurers for road accidents has been on the rise – even in the face of falling accident volumes.

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