Wave of unattended vehicle thefts washes over West Midlands

A wave of vehicle theft has washed over the West Midlands, with four cars that had been left unattended and insecure while defrosting outside addresses in Walsall and Wolverhampton stolen on Monday morning, motor car insurance experts recently reported.

Biddings Lane, Lanesfield was the site of two car thefts just after half past seven in the morning.  A grey Nissan Qashqai and a black Audi A3 were stolen from two separate addresses, with both vehicles reported being driven off towards Birmingham New Road.

Walsall was the site of two more thefts, as a green Nissan Kubistar was nicked from Mill Street, Darlaston at the same time.  Helston Close, Walsall was the site of another theft a scant half hour afterwards, as a red Audi A4, also left unattended while it was defrosting, was stolen as well, leaving all four car owners having to explain to their car insurance companies exactly why they left their cars running with the key in the ignition.

Wolverhampton Police Superintendent, Jan Thomas-West, remarked that motorists are once again urged not to let their vehicles out of their sight while allowing them to warm up on cold mornings.  No one wants to have to brave sub zero temperatures in the morning, but if the alternative is getting your car stolen, the police superintendent urged car owners to not leave their vehicles unattended.

Insurers tend to take a dim view of any motorist thick enough to roll out the red carpet for car thieves, insurance experts say.  Instead of having to cope with a stolen car, spend some time with a scraper and some de-icer, the police recommended.

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