Bolton suffering from high car insurance rates

Bolton has been suffering from high car insurance rates, prompting calls from motor charities for the Government to take car insurance companies in hand.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists wants to see providers offer discount car insurance for young drivers at the order of the Government if these drivers agree to take extra tests.  The IAM’s comments come on the heels of Michael Gregory, one young father, and his story of being faced with a £3,000 insurance quote, leaving him no choice but to rely on public transport.

The most expensive quote the 20 year old man received for his Peugeot 206 was an eye watering £12,000, sending the new father – whose child is barely a week old – into paroxysms of bewildered rage.  Mr Gregory has a clean driving record with no points or convictions on his licence after passing his test in March, and even took ‘pass plus’ lessons in an attempt to reduce his premiums.

The IAM was right to have called upon the Government according to Bolton Advanced Motorists spokesperson, Hugh German, who said things simply need to change.  Insurers are deathly afraid of taking on younger motorists, Mr German explained, due to the statistically high likelihood of this class of drivers being involved in an accident within their first 12 months of being behind the wheel.

The IAM has thrown its hat into the ring right on the heels of a recent report from the Transport Select Committee recommending several steps to be taken in order to reduce premium prices.  For drivers under 22 years of age, the average premium price is £1,682 for women and £2,977 for men.

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