Guard against car key theft, experts warn Wetherby

Crime prevention and discount car insurance experts have recently warned those living in Wetherby to be on the lookout for burglaries involving car key theft.

With modern vehicles fitted with immobilisers as standard, they have become incredibly resistant to traditional methods of car theft such as hot wiring, according to Maureen Brewer, the Wetherby and District Crime Prevention Panel’s chairperson.  Thieves need the keys of a modern car in order to abscond with it, she added, which has led to car owners and motor car insurance policy holders experiencing an increased number of home break-ins where criminals are making off with keys – and then their cars.

There are many ways to minimise these types of losses, Ms Brewer said.  One of the best tactics to employ is to keep your car in your garage, if you have one, as the lion’s share of cars are stolen when parked in driveways or on the street.

Another excellent reason to use the garage is to avoid problems with car insurance companies, the panel chairperson added, as telling your insurer that you keep your car secured in a garage overnight can come back to haunt you if it’s stolen out of your driveway.  Ms Brewer also recommended keeping your car keys safely tucked away and out of sight, as leaving them on a kitchen worktop or hall table can see them nicked through cat flaps and letter boxes – especially if the thieves use a long garden pole in order to do so.

Never leave your car keys hanging in your door lock with the keys to your house, the chairperson recommended.  Other experts have also cautioned not to leave your car unattended and running on cold mornings while you let it warm up, as doing so is just an invitation for criminals to make off with your vehicle.

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