Cheap car insurance for young drivers and ego doesn’t mix

According to a recent Institute of Advanced Motorists survey, the arrogance of the young is most decidedly not making easier to find discount car insurance for young drivers – especially when more than six out every ten young male motorists feel that their driving skills are better than average.

In the land of the young, Ego’s rain as king is undisputed.  Even younger female drivers can succumb to the temptation, as the IAM survey found 32 per cent of them also admit to feeling better skilled than athe average driver – though younger female motorists have historically paid lower car insurance rates than their male counterparts.

The actual driving ability of this class of motorists is nowhere near as advanced as they may think, according to the Department of Transport.  Younger males especially are rather full of themselves, especially in light of Department data indicating that young male motorists between the ages of 17 and 29 years of age are seriously injured or slain in road traffic accidents twice as often as female drivers of the same age.

Car insurance companies are highly aware of such studies, and will raise rates accordingly for those classes of motorists it sees as higher-risk.  And before younger female motorists start laughing all the way to the bank, a new ruling from the European Courts of Justice has banned using gender as the sole determination for risk levels – meaning that as of December of this year, they will most likely face a restructured insurance premium designed to bring the cost of their cover even with their more arrogant male counterparts.

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