100 yard move leads to family’s car insurance rates going up

A 100 yard move down the road for one family from Shropshire got them more than expected when the flummoxed family’s car insurance rates more than doubled, discount car insurance experts recently reported.

After moving her family into her new home, Highley native Hayley Fulton was left in shock after Sheila’s Wheels, her motor car insurance provider, raised her premiums to £1,600, up from £720.  The rate hike was warranted by the insurer because the 25 year old single mother of two would now be parking her car in a new postcode, sources say.

Despite the close proximity to Miss Fulton’s previous neighbourhood, the new postcode put her in a higher risk category, according to the company.  Stating that she was ‘gobsmacked’ by her new quote at renewal time, the confused motorist remarked that she couldn’t understand how her quiet, rural village could be accompanied by higher risk.

Miss Fulton feels that car insurance companies are taking advantage of their customers.  Some drivers feel that the hassle to change insurers is simply too much and simply pay through the nose for identical cover, she added, calling the practice on the part of insurers ‘disgusting.’

At her previous address, Miss Fulton parked her vehicle, a six year old Citroen, on the driveway.  Now, she uses a gated private car park provided to her by her landlord, just a few yards down the road, and her new postcode, WV16 6JF, is only two letters off from her previous one, WV16, 6LN.

Miss Fulton has since switched insurers.  Her new premium price is only £496 every year.

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