UK storms result in 28% motor car insurance claim increase

Car insurance companies have reported a 22 per cent increase in the number of motor car insurance claims for the first week of January over last year’s figures, a result of a series of storms that have swept across several UK regions, the AA says.

The motoring organisation and provider of discount car insurance quotes remarked that this increase equated to in excess of 1,100 claims every day for the period of time between January 1 and January 5.  The AA recorded 991 claims during this period of time, which could equate to in excess of 5,600 claims across the nation due to inclement weather conditions.

Scotland was particularly hardest hit due to the strong gales it experienced.  65 per cent of the claims made during the first five days of January were due to the weather, figures show.

Claims figures this year were higher than they were in 2010 when snow blanketed the country, AA Insurance director Simon Douglas said.  Fallen trees and tree branches and dislodged roof tiles were the most common cause of damage this year, he added.

Other insurance claims originated from loose items that were not fixed to the ground, Mr Douglas added.  Eight vehicles were damaged by TV aerials, garden sheds, wheelie bins, and even trampolines – and in one instance, a dinghy – while other policy holders saw their car doors whipped from their grasp by wind gusts, damaging vehicles parked adjacent to them, smashing glass, or breaking hinge mechanisms.

Cars were also struck by lorries or vans that had been blown off-course into opposing traffic, stranded in flooded roadways, or buffeted by sudden gusts that caused them to lose control, the insurance director also remarked.

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