Yorkshire drivers suffer from high motor car insurance costs

Nearly one out of every three Yorkshire motorists are suffering from the effects of high motor car insurance costs and spiraling petrol prices as they struggle to cope with motoring costs, one new research study has recently found.

According to an online car insurance and used car sales website, around 40 per cent of motorists in the region reported difficulties in affording to keep their cars on the road.  The recently released details of their Driver Satisfaction Index indicates that the scarcity of discount car insurance and the expense of rising fuel costs are the largest worries for drivers across the nation.

82 per cent of drivers pointed to fuel prices as the most serious problem when asked about which issues were the most concern to them, while 38 per cent stated that insurance costs were most concerning.  Around one out of every five drivers said that the state of their local roads was their biggest worry.

The research study, which surveyed in excess of 2,000 motorists, also discovered that one out of every four drivers were scaling back their expenditure of fuel.  Other ways drivers are trying to save money include the 12 per cent reporting that they are using public transport more often, while 26 per cent of respondents indicated that they were spending less on their weekly grocery shop in order to leave more cash for car maintenance needs.

Meanwhile, nearly three out of every ten motorists remarked they would be cutting down on how much they drive in the coming year, even in the face of a possible fuel duty freeze implemented by Chancellor Osborne later in 2012.

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