How to find low cost car insurance

Motor car insurance experts say that rising motoring costs have been hammering away at a good number of Brits, but there are still many steps you can take to find low cost car insurance and thus free up some much needed cash to put towards other bills.

When it comes time to renew your annual insurance cover, don’t fall into the trap that too many drivers in the UK succumb to by automatically renewing with your current provider.  You need to take the time to consult competitors – either directly or through the use of a car insurance comparison site – to make sure you get the best deal you possibly can.

Industry experts say that you should get at least six to eight new quotes to get a good idea as to what kind of deals are out there.  Additionally, don’t be afraid to approach your existing insurer and ask them if they can provide you a matching quote from a competitor before jumping ship; while all too many insurers don’t seem to offer much in the way of rewards to loyal customers, it’s always worth it to give it a go.

If you don’t want to switch providers, you can take steps to lower your annual premium price by increasing your voluntary excess, as doing so tells your insurer that they will not have to pay as much themselves in the event of an accident claim, though you should be prepared to actually pay such an increased excess in the event of an accident.  Other methods to reduce your premium include cutting your mileage, as a car that is on the road for less time in a given year is less prone to get into a traffic accident – though make sure you honestly estimate your new annual mileage figure.

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