Insurer finds that Britain’s drivers fear car crime

One discount car insurance specialist has discovered in a recent survey that drivers in the UK are fearful of car crime, even though the number of stolen and broken into cars has been in the decline over the past few years.

Acting under commission from motor car insurance provider Admiral, YouGov conducted a research study consisting of 2,500 motorists for the insurer’s annual driver survey, discovering that nearly three out of every four have worries that their car could be broken into or stolen outright.  Motorists residing in Yorkshire and the East Midlands showed the most concern, with 80 per cent of drivers in the two regions highly concerned, while Scottish drivers are much more relaxed, with less than 64% voicing concerns of a theft or break in.

However, car insurance companies say that this anxiety could be misplaced.  In particular, Admiral’s own data indicates that car crime has been undergoing a dramatic decline over the past 10 years, with only 0.16 per cent of its policy holders suffering from a stolen vehicle, a decline of 0.38 percentage points from 2001’s 0.54 per cent figure.

A similar tale is told when it comes to break ins as well.  2001 figures show that 0.61 per cent of Admiral’s policy holders reported a break in, while only 0.16 per cent did so last year.

Managing director for Admiral, Dave Halliday, remarked on the new research findings, stating that worrying over car crime is less a product of higher rates of car crime but more of the economic uncertainty in the UK.  With nearly every Brit facing financial problems of some fashion or another, Mr Halliday said that it’s only natural to be fearful of losing one of the most valuable items in our possession – our vehicles.

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