1 out of 3 North East drivers suffering from high motor costs

Nearly one out of every three motorists living in the North East is suffering from high car insurance rates and other motoring costs, according to recently released research findings.

New figures from a car insurance comparison site report that around 30 per cent of drivers in the region are having difficulties affording the cost of motoring.  The most recent index of driver satisfaction from the online car insurance site found that an eye-watering 94 per cent of the region’s drivers are not happy with motoring costs, such as the price of petrol.

Both car insurance rates and fuel prices were found to be what kept motorists up at night the most.  Close to 40 per cent claimed that insurance prices were most concerning, while almost one out of five reported their largest worry was the area’s roadways, which were reported as being in a state of disrepair.

One out of four motorists reported having to cut back on the amount of driving they do to save cash on fuel.  Others have found other ways to save cash, such as the 12 per cent who have increased the amount of public transport they have been using in order to accomplish this goal, while more than one out of four drivers have had to scale back the amount they spend on weekly trips to the grocery shop in order to keep their cars on the road.

The car is a necessity for the majority of Brits, said the website’s commercial director, Phill Jones, who was alarmed at the rising costs facing drivers in the UK.  Mr Jones was critical of Chancellor Osborne’s proposed temporary fuel duty freeze, calling it an insufficient step in managing costs for an integral part of the lion’s share of the average motorist’s daily life.

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