Do car insurance companies discriminate same sex unions?

Industry experts say that car insurance companies may be inadvertently discriminating against same sex civil partnerships by not offering the same car insurance rates they do to married couples, experts say.

Married couples can quite often get discount car insurance quotes when both husband and wife are listed on the same policy, as research suggests that married drivers are statistically safer drivers.  These price reductions can result with up to a 20 per cent savings over an annual premium price.

Despite this, same sex civil partners insured on the same policy are not receiving the same discounts as their heterosexual counterparts.  Nearly two out of every three insurers do not recognise civil partnerships, with females being offered reduced premiums but not men – though this will change thanks to the European Court of Justice’s new decision banning gender differences as a basis for risk assessment.

Those insurers who did recognise the partnerships offered discounts of approximately 10 per cent to men, while women received an average of about 12 per cent.  Car insurance brokers have said that only one out of every five men in a same sex partnership were offered the same discount car insurance quotes that were offered to heterosexual couples as lower risk motorists.

Though there has yet to be a a direct data comparison between discount rates between married couples and those in civic partnerships, brokers say that those same sex partners that are offered the discounts are offered around the same figure for their heterosexual counterparts.

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