Cheap car insurance provider issues licence photo warning

One discount car insurance provider has recently issued a warning to motorists, saying that those neglecting to renew their driving licence photograph are risking fines as high as £1,000.

More than 1.6 million motorists could possibly face the fine, says Sainsbury’s motor car insurance division, after discovering that driving licence photographs need to be updated once every decade, with the DVLA charging a fee of £20 for a new photo.  The discount car insurance provider said that, in addition to the expired 1.6 million photographs, another 2.9 million will have to be renewed before the end of this year, while nearly 13 million motorists will need to renew their photo over the next five years.

Over 40 per cent of motorists are unaware that they face such hefty fines for not renewing the photo on their licence, according to statistics compiled by Sainsbury’s.  Neglecting to update the photo could lead to a fine of £1,000, though insurance premiums are not impacted – provided the motorist has not been disqualified for any reason.

The renewal fee for a new photograph is £20.  While many drivers may feel that they’ve already spent enough on their licence, Sainsbury’s warned that it is much more affordable to pay the £20 instead of having to shell out an eye-watering £1,000 – especially over such a seemingly unimportant thing such as a photograph.

Nearly 14 per cent of expired photographs on drivers’ licences have been out of date for at least three years, according to Sainsbury’s.  More than two out of every three motorists with an expired photo licence are unaware of the expired photo, the supermarket bank discovered.

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