Too many Brits drink driving this New Year

Altogether too many Brits may have gotten behind the wheel with too much alcohol in their systems this New Year, based on research from an online car insurance comparison site that found that more than half of the nation’s motorists have no idea what the legal alcohol limit is.

The discount car insurance comparison website found that not only did a full 51 per cent of those surveyed have no knowledge of the legal limit, 31 per cent of motorists also had no knowledge of the other factors that affect alcohol absorption into the bloodstream, such as gender, stress levels, whether you’ve been drinking on an empty stomach, or how much alcohol it takes for someone of your weight to have an affect on them.

This could lead to more tragedy on the road, especially in light of 2010 drink driving figures that reported more than 1,200 serious injuries and 250 fatalities. With the majority of Brits having no idea about how much alcohol they can have before driving home – and with no idea how some people can drink more without becoming intoxicated than others – the car insurance comparison site expressed concern over a deadly end to the festive season.

Drinkaware’s head of campaigns and communication, Rebecca Clough, said that the alcohol education charity advises people to not drink at all if they are going to be behind the wheel, as even a small amount of alcohol can impede your ability behind the wheel. ┬áTake public transport or choose a designated driver if you’re going out for a few pints with the mates, Ms Clough said.

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