Will listening to the right music keep you safe on the road?

A new research study recently conducted by Populus has found that while having breakdown cover and motor car insurance may offer you a certain degree of protection behind the wheel, selecting the right music to listen to may also play a role in keeping you safe on the road.

A great deal of holidaymakers have taken to the roads this festive season, which will inevitably lead to a higher risk of getting into a road traffic accident that could result in your car insurance rates going up.  While you can’t control things like the condition of the road, the weather, or whether or not the other drivers are too thick to find their bum with both hands, but Populus says that there is something you can control: what your radio is playing on car journeys.

The research results found that drivers that listen to classical and pop music will actually keep you safer and more calm while on the road, while listening to metal, hip-hop, and rock could have the opposite effect.  Rock fans were found to tailgate more than twice as often as those who listened to pop, said Populus, while fans of metal were the most likely to lose their cool while in the driver’s seat.

While it’s doubtful that car insurance companies will begin to monitor what you’re listening to in the car anytime soon, there could be a correlation between listening to hip-hop and rock and becoming involved in an accident, as the research found that fans of the two music genres were most likely to end up making an insurance claim.  Dr Vicky Williamson, a music psychologist, shed some light on the matter by claiming that the soft notes, clear structures, and slower paced music of the majority of classical music engenders a mood of relaxation in listeners that could result in driving in a more considerate manner, while because it’s much less vocal than other music genres, classical music is much less demanding on our brain functions.

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