Car insurance comparison site says light switch-off a danger

When the lights switch off at midnight on roads in the UK, the roads get more dangerous, according to one car insurance comparison site.

The midnight switch-off, which the government instituted in 2010, is strongly opposed by more than two out of every three motorists in the UK, according to the provider of discount car insurance quotes.  The comparison site also found that nearly half of motorists will feel less confident while behind the wheel after the sun is down.

Wide stretches of the M54, M27, M6, M5, M4, M2, and M1 are swathed in darkness for five hours straight starting at midnight every night.  This is more than 47 miles of darkness, the online car insurance comparison site pointed out, leading to many problems for late night drivers.

The research found that three out of every five motorists feel that road signs are lit inadequately in the evening and early morning hours.  Additionally, 31 per cent of drivers were concerned with being unable to see other users of the road, while 20 per cent had worries of growing tired without the lights helping them stay awake.

These concerns are quite justified, according to the Journal of Sleep Research.  According to scientific research, motorists’ driving skills can deteriorate as much as a drink driver’s when spending just three hours behind the wheel in the dark.

While a significant percentage of Brits lose confidence on darkened roads, younger drivers in the UK actually become more reckless once the lights are out.  For drivers 24 years of age and younger, 27 percent actually drive faster than they do during the day.

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