New motor car insurance customers offered breakdown cover

One provider of discount car insurance quotes is currently offering breakdown cover to new motor car insurance customers included in their policies at no additional cost, insurance experts recently reported.

Sainsbury’s car insurance division is offering anyone who starts a new policy with them until 9 April of next year free cover if their vehicle needs roadside repairs or even more serious maintenance at a garage in a ten mile radius of their breakdown.  The direct car insurance provider is also offering to send messages to family members or friends to inform them of the situation.

Ben Tyte, a spokesperson for Sainsbury’s, said that the inconvenience of breaking down can be an incredibly frustrating experience, especially on a cold, dark winter night.  To know that you can call upon professional help can give a driver a deep measure of peace of mind, Mr Tyte added, calling such an ability an invaluable one.

New customers can also reap the benefits of a Nectar card by earning additional points in shopping trips to their local Sainsbury’s supermarket and even earn premium discounts on their insurance as well.  This could also prove to be invaluable in the current economic landscape, with motoring costs rising rapidly and the nation’s inflation rate still massively high.

In related news, Sainsbury’s discovered that nearly 14 million Brits have no idea what the proper procedure would be if their vehicle began to spin out in snowy or icy conditions.  The research survey, which was conducted in early December, discovered that more than one quarter of motorists would actually take action that could make matters worse rather than better.

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