Need to save cash? Look for cheap online car insurance

If you’re looking to save cash on your motoring, looking for cheap online car insurance can help you accomplish these goals, industry experts say.

Motor car insurance industry insiders say that the only way to get discount car insurance quotes is to take some time to shop around.  Too many Brits simply don’t bother and just automatically renew their annual premiums, or don’t do enough of an exhaustive online comparison.

There’s much more involved than the final premium price when it comes to finding the best value for money, experts also warn.  The cover with the cheapest price may seem like a good choice, but not all policies of the same price are created equal; the types of cover offered by two similarly priced policies could differ wildly, and one may be a more appropriate choice than another based on your motoring habits.

Another thing to consider in your quest for affordable insurance is to consider changing your excess.  While nearly every insurance policy has a compulsory excess, many also carry a voluntary excess that can be adjusted.

Paying a higher excess can sometimes be a gamble, as you’re telling your insurer that in the event of an accident you’re willing to pay more out of pocket in return for a cheaper overall premium price.  If you’re a safe, cautious, and experienced driver, a high voluntary excess could give you some relief from increased premium prices, but remember: even the safest of motorists can be involved in road traffic accidents through no fault of their own.

Industry experts say that you should set your excess as high as you can while still retaining the ability to afford it should an unforeseen event come to pass.

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