Are married female motorists less skilled drivers?

As if married couples don’t have enough reasons to be cross with each other, recent research findings published by one discount car insurance provider has discovered that the driving proficiency of more than half of married women suffer when their husbands are in the car with them.

53 per cent of married women admitted to suffering from feelings of stress and anxiety while their domestic partners where in the passenger seat, motor car insurance provider Aviva found.  This leads to these women to lose confidence in their driving skills simply due to the presence of their husbands.

Meanwhile, the direct car insurance provider found that only 41 per cent of married men reported a drop in their motoring skill due to having their wives sitting alongside them, leading many insurance and relationship experts alike to wonder what exactly is the cause of the discrepancy.  Female motorist nerviness may be due in part to data indicating that men are more likely to step in when it comes to driving, as Aviva found that only 10 per cent claim to be the primary motorist in the relationship, as compared to only 1 out of every ten women.

78 per cent of men reported taking over when it came to motorway trips or long journeys, while 74 per cent of men would do so when it came to country roads, the survey found.  When it comes to poor driving conditions, men also showed a higher likelihood when it came to getting behind the wheel.

Women drive about 3,500 miles a year less than men do on average, according to data from the Institute of Advanced Motorists.  The IAM said that both relationship partners should spend time behind the wheel in order to hone their motoring skills and to learn how to deal with the kinds of risks you stand to encounter on the road and how to react to them properly.

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