More than half of all motorists ignorant of legal limit

More than half of all motor car insurance policyholders are ignorant of the legal alcohol limit, according to research recently conducted by a car insurance comparison website.

The online car insurance comparison website additionally discovered that more than three out of every ten motorists have no knowledge that alcohol consumption affects everyone in a different manner.  Factors such as age, gender, your level of stress, your weight, and whether you’ve just had a meal or not can result in metabolising alcohol at a different rate.

Drink driving has tragic consequences, as 2010 accident figures can demonstrate.  There were 1,230 serious injuries recorded last year on roads in he UK precipitated by drink drivers, while 250 individuals lost their lives in road traffic accidents involving those driving over the legal limit.

However, a total of 51 per cent of research respondents indicated that they don’t know how many alcoholic beverages they can consume before exceeding the legal drink drive limit in the UK.  Alcohol education charity Drinkaware’s head of campaigns and communication, Rebecca Clough, remarked that even a small amount of alcohol can result in diminished driving abilities, which means the best and only advice can only be to refrain from drinking if you’ve got the keys to your car.

Ms Clough also stated that if you have plans to drink upon going out, you should make arrangements for your journey home by planning to take a licensed taxi, public transport, or through the use of a designated driver.

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