Churchill tempts new customers with 2 free months

In an effort to drum up new business volume, one discount car insurance provider has launched a new deal by offering 12 months’ worth of motor car insurance and only charging its customers for ten, experts say.

Car insurance provider Churchill has recently announced that until 31 March of next year it will be offering a two month discount on all of its annual insurance policies.  Moreover, the direct car insurance provider will also extend the special offer for a period of 90 days for those receiving a price quote, enabling motorists whose renewal date is shortly after the end of the special offer to still benefit from the reduced premium pricing.

Prospective customers can receive either a price quote over the internet or via phone, with motorists gaining standard protection in the event of being involved in a collision with an uninsured motorist. Churchill is also offering around the clock access to an accident recovery helpline and cover for an additional named driver as well.

In other related news, the Association of British Insurers announced that any motorists who were fearful of fitting winter tyres to their vehicles this coming season have nothing to worry about.  While last year saw some insurers actually charge their customers more for fitting their cars with the safety features due to being erroneously classified as a modification, the ABI said this should not be the case this year Рthough the Association did recommend motorists contact their insurance providers in order to learn of any requirements they may need to fulfill to avoid extra charges.

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