Beware frost-jackers this winter, say industry experts

Motor car insurance policy holders have been told to beware frost-jackers on the prowl for cars left unattended while waiting for frosted over windows to thaw out this winters, experts warn.

Car thieves are on the lookout during the winter season for vehicles left with their engines on and running to aid in de-icing them, as these cars are often easy pickings for criminals.  However, vehicle recovery company Tracker says that one car is stolen every five minutes in the UK, with the majority of these purloined vehicles having been left alone with the keys in the ignition and the motor running, which means that letting your car warm up while you’re not in it can be quite the costly mistake since car insurance companies as a rule will be highly reluctant in paying out claims on cars stolen in such a manner.

Nearly every insurance provider will raise your car insurance rates to eye watering levels or even refuse to cover the theft outright in the wake of such an event.  To make matters worse, police have even charged motorists with offences if they make the mistake of leaving a running vehicle unattended and a criminal makes off with it.

Stuart Chapman, a spokesman for Tracker, remarked that no one in their right mind would leave a briefcase brimming with tens of thousands of pound – or even more – at the local newsagent or in front of your house on a cold wintry morning, yet innumerable Brits have left vehicles worth that much to a criminal just out in the open with the keys in the ignition.  Doing so is the equivalent of just handing a car thief your keys directly and telling them to help themselves, Mr Chapman also said.

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