Avoid drink driving charges this Christmas and New Year

With Christmas here and the New Year right around the bend, one discount car insurance provider and motoring organisation has warned partygoers that police forces across the UK are cracking down on drink driving this festive season.

According to the motor car insurance division of the AA, there are severe consequences for having ‘just one more’ before getting behind the wheel, as there were 9,700 injuries and 250 fatalities last year due to drink driving.  However, this ghastly figure could turn out even higher this year, as many people didn’t venture out of doors in the severe snow of 2009-2010, which resulted in cancelled Christmas parties and lowered the level of drink driving offences.

However, the AA warned that if you decide to try your luck and run afoul of the law with one too many pints in your system, you could end up with fines of as much as £5,000, with a driving ban, or even spend your New Year behind bars.  Even worse is that your car insurance rates will spiral out of control once your insurer learns the news of your offence and that you can’t be trusted in the future.

The average premium hike for convicted drink drivers is around 85 per cent recent research findings show, though some car insurance companies will not even bother raising your rates but instead choosing not to offer cover at all.  This means that for the price of that extra drink, you’re getting months or even years of financial ruin thrown in at no extra charge – the Christmas gift that keeps on giving.

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