Online car insurance site reveals most reviled Christmas songs

An online car insurance comparison website has recently revealed its research findings regarding which Christmas songs are the most likely to make a driver feel a bit ill when they come on the radio, with Mistletoe and Wine by Cliff Richard earning the dubious honour of most reviled.

Everyone knows that the festive season is in full swing once Christmas songs start being featured on television and and the radio.  For some, many of these songs are a welcome addition, working to lift their Christmas spirits, while others are often regarded as little more than musical rubbish, and one car insurance comparison site recently set out to discover which Christmas songs can turn even the most jolly of Saint Nicks into the grouchiest of Grinches.

The provider of discount car insurance quotes discovered that there were many truly nauseating songs that were almost universally disliked whenever heard by motorists.  In fact, an overwhelming 40 per cent of respondents indicated that the 1988 hit from Cliff Richard, Mistletoe and Wine, made them want to fill stockings with nothing but coal.

The best selling single for that year, Mistletoe and Wine sold in excess of 750,000 copies at the time, despite how unpopular it proved with those surveyed.  Perhaps its ubiquity has something to do with the revulsion, as a survey from 2010 found it within the top ten most played songs for the Christmas season at number nine.

There were a number of other songs that featured quite prominently in the rankings, such as the St Winifred’s School Choir 1980 hit, ‘There’s no one quite like Grandma,’ which manage to dethrone Beatles legend John Lennon from his place at the top of the charts.  While nowhere near as universally detested by Mistletoe and Wine, a full 20 per cent of respondents voted for the song as their least favourite Christmas song.

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