No excuse to neglect discount car insurance, expert says

One expert on car insurance rates recently said that there is simply no excuse for vehicle owners in the UK to neglect taking out at least discount car insurance for their vehicles, calling the expense a ‘critical’ one.

Claims manager for Swinton Gtroup, Steve Chilton, remarked that younger drivers need to be particularly aware for how important it is to have valid motor car insurance cover, as neglecting to do so is not only in direct violation of motoring regulations but also could result in massive repair bills in the event of an accident.  Despite this, many Brits persist in driving cars with no insurance cover, which can quite often be to their detriment.

Mr Chilton said that the reason many drivers in the UK choose to not secure insurance cover is due to not having any awareness of the different types that are available on the market.  He also said that many may not have ever been told the implications of beingcaught without the proper insurance cover.

Nearly 95 per cent of drivers in the UK feel that the high costs of motor insurance impact their social lives in a negative manner, according to a research conducted by Swinton.  Moreover, over 27 per cent made the admission of either taking their parents’ car out without being insured or knowing someone who has done so.

Unfortunately, uninsured motorists do harm to more than themselves in the event of being involved in an accident.  Official figures say that insurance premium prices of honest motorists go up by an average of £40 in order to cover the costs of uninsured drivers, as the insurance industry is responsible for footing the bill for damages and physical injuries occurring in road traffic accidents with these irresponsible motorists.

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