2 million more Brits take to nation’s roads this Christmas

An additional two million Brits will take to the nation’s roads this Christmas than they did last year, when snowy weather threw a spanner in the works for a innumerable travel plans, one motor car insurance provider recently said.

Cheap car insurance provider AA said that there could be as many as 19 million cars jamming UK roadways today.  Other car insurance companies, such as esure, came out with even higher estimates of as much as 21 million vehicles.

Figures would have soared even higher if it were not for the rising cost of petrol over the past year, with fuel prices up by 9.31p a litre.  This means it costs an additional £6.87 to top up the average 50-litre tank.

Even with the increased number of motorists taking to the roads this Christmas, the AA says that more than two out of every three of its members will instead stay at home on the 25th.  This is a 10 per cent increase on the number of Brits who stayed home on Christmas Day 2010.

The Highways Agency, which has responsibility for the major roads in the UK, has plans to complete over 100 sets of roadworks by Sunday.  A number of major schemes are on schedule for completion, including a project on Luton’s outskirts on the M1 for a stretch of 32 miles between junction 10-13, and work between the M25’s junctions 21-23 and 29-30 on the Hertfordshire and Essex stretches are predicted to cause delays.

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