Compare car insurance if you’re trying to save some cash

Even though it’s not exactly the most favourite activity for anyone, if you don’t compare car insurance quotes when it comes time to insure your first car, you may find yourself priced right off the road.

Cheap car insurance for young drivers can be exceedingly difficult to find in the current economic environment in the UK.  Younger motorists are typically charged eye watering car insurance rates by providers that fear the heightened risk they are taking on by providing cover to inexperienced and sometimes reckless young drivers, which can sometimes lead to prohibitively expensive premium prices quoted to young Brits – which are sometimes even more money than they spent on their used Vauxhall!

However, there are many insurers that will take into account more than just the age of a new driver.  Some providers are more than willing to make it less expensive for younger motorists by providing discounts for things that demonstrate a young driver’s responsibility and level-headedness such as school attendance and good grades.

The rise of telematics-based insurance has also been a boon to younger motorists, especially if they can demonstrate their motoring habits are safe and responsible.  An insurer that provides telematics insurance will fit a small black box under the car’s bonnet or dashboard that will keep track of a driver’s behaviour behind the wheel and then transmit the information back to the provider – leading to cheaper car insurance for those motorists that demonstrate that they can consistently obey the rules of the road such as speed limits and traffic lights, and who accelerate, brake, and turn corners without being reckless.

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