AA supports new Department for Transport announcement

One motoring organisation and discount car insurance provider has recently come out in support of the Department for Transport’s new announcement that there will no longer be a need to present either paper or electronic motor car insurance certification in the future.

The rationale behind the abolition of the requirement is in order to reduce the amount of red tape motorists face whilst simultaneously working to prevent forgery and fraud, the Department said. AA Insurance’s director, Simon Douglas, agreed with the Department for Transport’s reasoning, noting that requiring individuals to present a certificate was largely unnecessary in this day and age, as the Motor Insurance Database has all this information for any vehicle registered in the UK stored electronically.

The certificate is by and large needed only rarely nowadays, said the discount car insurance provider’s director. The certificate is noting more than paper evidence that a car has insurance cover, Mr Douglas added, remarking that an abolition of the paper or electronic certificate will cut red tape and administration costs for businesses and drivers alike.

In related news, Steve Chilton, a claims manager for Swinton Group, noted in a recent statement that motor car insurance is one of the key things vehicle owners must spend their hard earned cash on. ┬áNot only is insurance compulsory in the UK, having proper cover in place can prevent massive monetary costs in the event of a road traffic accident, as the cost of repairing and replacing a car can be quite high – to say nothing of the costs of medical care in the event of personal injury.

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