How to get cheaper car insurance without compromise

With the cost of motoring on a seemingly inexorable rise into the stratosphere, many Brits have gone in search of how to get cheaper car insurance without compromising on their level of cover, motor car insurance experts have recently found.

Experts say that you need to shop around for discount car insurance quotes in order to find the best price.  Since getting a quote from an insurer costs nothing but time, don’t feel like you’ve got to settle for your auto-renewal from your current provider, or just the first quote that comes along that is only marginally cheaper than your current one.

Indeed, with the advent of the car insurance comparison site, it is now possible to get a whole raft of quotes in one go, allowing you to choose from the best and brightest.  However, before you click on the one with the lowest costing quote, make sure to check very carefully that the cover you’re thinking of purchasing matches or exceeds the level of cover you have with your current provider, as doing otherwise could turn out to be a false economy in the event of a costly accident that has you paying out of pocket.

If for whatever unlikely reason you don’t find a suitable quote from a comparison site, don’t feel like you’re stuck with your current provider whether you like it or not.  The truth is a significant number of insurers do not affiliate themselves with the nation’s comparison websites, so you’ll have to do a bit more legwork on your own and contact them directly, either via their own website or by ringing them up and speaking with a call centre representative.

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