Car insurance comparison site warns against car crime

One car insurance comparison site recently issued a warning to the nation’s motorists whilst leaving their cars out and unattended this festive season, stating that the Christmas spirit is dead in criminals looking to capitalise on forgetful drivers.

The Christmas season is traditionally a time for such activities as giving gifts, receiving them in return, and spending time off work with loved ones.  However, an online car insurance comparison website has stated that one much less festive tradition, an increase in the instances of car crime, is alive and well during Christmas as well.

Cars left unattended while their drivers are out celebrating or left with valuable gifts inside are the primary targets of criminals, the provider of discount car insurance quotes warned.  Vehicle owners tend to be distracted during this hectic time of year, leading to lapses in security that car thieves capitalise upon in order to turn an underhanded profit.

The 2010-2011 British Crime Survey says that nearly 1.2 million drivers in the UK have been victimised by criminals specialising in car theft over the past 12 months.  This figure, which many industry experts called quite a shocking one, may be on the rise even more precipitously if drivers are not more vigilant about vehicle security over the Yuletide season.

A comparison site spokesperson remarked that motorists need to be less distracted during this period of time, as the risk of a break-in or theft is high.   Ensure you have adequate cover in place, the spokesperson also said, as failing to do so could not only lead to sleepless nights but a decidedly unhappy festive season if you’ve got to tell your children that Father Christmas couldn’t stop by your house this year because some Grinch broke into your car and made off with the family gifts.

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