AA Insurance welcomes new certificate requirement abolition

AA Insurance’s director, Simon Douglas, has recently gone on record by stating that he welcomed the new proposal by the Department for Transport to abolish the need for motor car insurance certificates.

The discount car insurance division of the AA has suggested in the past that the certificate requirement was legislation that was exceedingly ‘bureaucratic and arcane,’ calling for its abolition on at least one occasion.  Mr Douglas said he was delighted that public submissions were taken into account by the Government, as many have said that the abolition of electronic or paper certificates could result in easier lives for many motorists.

Red tape and administration costs will be cut for businesses and drivers alike by abolishing the certificates, added Mr Douglas, as the certificate is rarely needed in practice due to the fact that it is just paper evidence that the vehicle is properly insured.

The national Motor Insurance Database holds proof of cover, which police, other authorities, and car owners can access quite easily, and a certificate’s existence doesn’t necessarily serve as irrefutable proof, as those who would rather not pay sky-high car insurance rates have been known to try to scam their insurance provider by not paying their premiums have discovered.  Police tend to not even check certificates and simply consult the MID and the insurer directly to ensure the car is actually covered, which also makes forged certificates just as worthless.

However, the AA Insurance director did say that there could be some situations where a certificate could prove useful, such as when a British motorist is driving through Europe.  Insurers should provide proof of cover when required, Mr Douglas also said.

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