NI motorists told to shop around for cheaper car insurance

Motorists living in Northern Ireland should waste no time in shopping around for cheaper car insurance, as the cost of motoring in the region spirals nearly out of control, industry experts recently warned.

Northern Ireland’s car insurance rates were found to be 11 per cent higher than in the rest of the UK, a report from the Office of Fair Trading recently reported.  This is in addition to older statistical data from the OFT indicating that people living in rural locations were charged anywhere from 30 per cent to 70 per cent more by car insurance companies than those living in the city.

Antoinette McKeown, chief executive for Consumer Council, remarked that action needs to be taken to provide those living in Northern Ireland discount car insurance.  However, Ms McKeown also commented that there are ways that consumers can manage the cost of motoring, with the most emphasis placed on shopping around.

The chief executive said that there were three ways consumers could accomplish this goal, such as using a telephone insurance provider, an insurance provider, or a car insurance comparison site.  Most importantly, drivers should by no means automatically renew their insurance with their current provider, as doing so could be a costly mistake, said the Consumer Council.

The OFT discovered evidence suggesting that there was a higher frequency of accidents within Northern Ireland, as well as higher legal costs associated with personal injury claims and higher levels of compensation awards on these claims as well.  However, the OFT did say that Northern Ireland consumers were less likely to shop around for the best deals, which had a contributory effect as well.

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