Singing in the car may be fun, but could be dangerous

Car insurance companies say that singing while behind the wheel may be fun, yet with poor driving conditions brought on by winter weather could lead to danger on the nation’s roads during the festive season.

The Co-operative’s motor car insurance division found that a significant number of motorists get into the spirit of the season by singing Christmas songs whilst on the road, with many choosing to belt out oldies while going about their business.  Co-operative’s head of discount car insurance, Grant Mitchell, commented that the classic Christmas songs all featured prominently on the list, and while everyone enjoys a good sing-along, the importance of remembering to keep your attention on the road ahead cannot be overstated.

With the country experiencing more and more winter weather conditions, drivers taking to UK roads in larger numbers as they go about their shopping for the festive season can experience treacherous driving conditions, Mr Mitchell remarked.  Concentration is key whilst behind the wheel in order to keep out of traffic collisions, as such an event could have devastating consequences at any time of year, not just during the Christmas shopping season, the car insurance head also stated.

In related news, a research study from insurance provider Aviva discovered that more than three out of every four men will drive in inclement weather instead of their spouses, unlike  just 14 per cent of their female counterparts.  Just under one out of every five men in a relationship reported to doing an equal share of the driving with their domestic partners when the weather turns foul, the survey also found.

Around one out of every three female motorists reported most often being the designated driver, compared to a little bit more than 25 per cent of men.

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