One out of three drivers clueless regarding winter driving

One out of every three drivers in the UK – which equates to approximately 13.7 million – are clueless when it comes to how to cope when their car goes into a skid, among other safe winter driving practices, according to one discount car insurance provider.

Sainsbury’s motor car insurance recently conducted a research study into drivers’ behaviour in wintry weather conditions, taking several motorists out to a skid-pan in order to test their abilities behind the wheel.  Unfortunately, half of the research participants could not control the car safely once in a skid prior to receiving instruction on safe winter driving, yet once all the direct car insurance provider’s research subjects were shown how to control a vehicle in the event of a skid, re-testing them found that competency behind the wheel rose to 91 per cent.

The Sainsbury’s study indicated that winter conditions on the nation’s roadways could lead to the occurrence of approximately 264,000 road accidents this coming winter.  The result of all these accidents mean that unlucky drivers will pay around £1,773 on average for repairs and miscellaneous damage.

Sainsbury’s insurance head, Ben Tyte, remarked that the research study discovered that a massive number of motorists have no idea how to operate their cars in inclement weather conditions.  The importance of driving with extreme vigilance cannot be understated, Mr Tyte added, and with reports coming in of another bad winter on the horizon, the insurance head encouraged all motorists to ensure they are aware of the proper way to handle their cars in poor driving conditions.

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