Fit winter tyres right to avoid motor car insurance invalidation

Drivers need to fit winter tyres properly if they wish to avoid motor car insurance invalidation, industry experts recently reported.

With winter weather soon to be blanketing the UK in layers upon layers of ice and snow, many discount car insurance providers have said that motorists can avoid dangerous roads and potentially costly accidents by fitting their vehicles with winter tyres.  However, these specialised tyres need to be fitted properly or else drivers could risk experiencing the only thing worse than rising car insurance rates – complete invalidation.

Winter tyres, which are specially designed to perform better in snowy and icy conditions, are around £100 a set in regards to the cost of fitting them to a standard car in the UK.  However, there could be hidden costs, as some models of vehicles may need steel wheel hubs in order for the winter tyres to be mounted correctly.

Research indicates that the specialised tyres are much safer than standard ones once the temperature drops below seven degrees, as winter tyres are specifically designed to need less distance to bring the car to a complete stop.  Many retailers sold out early past December, as the early cold snap last year caught nearly everyone – retailers and drivers alike – by surprise, yet if the tyre or the hub is fitted improperly, motorists could be paying out of pocket in the event of an accident if their insurer deems the car not roadworthy and invalidates the car cover.

Insurers have confirmed that additional premiums will not be charged if motorists choose to take the steps necessary to fit their vehicles with winter tyres.  However, the tyres must be in compliance with the specifications set out by that particular car’s manufacturers, a spokesperson for the Association of British Insurers said.

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