Parking during festive season is a nightmare for motorists

According to a survey conducted by one discount car insurance provider, the worst part about the festive season isn’t braving the crowds in an effort to find a perfect gift – it’s trying to find a parking spot.

AXA motor car insurance found that drivers are less annoyed by standing in long queues or hunting down the best deals than they are by having to circle the car park multiple times in the hopes that someone’s pulled out and left a spot waiting.  Some have taken to resorting to public transport, the direct car insurance provider found, yet many felt uncomfortable traveling home with their purchases on a bus or train, while those living in areas with little to no transport links simply have no choice but to get on the road themselves.

If you can’t (or simply won’t) rub elbows with the hoi polloi this festive season, industry experts say that there are several ways to minimise your stress levels when it comes down to hitting the shops for Christmas presents.  Some of these top tips may not apply to you, while others may be ideal – the important thing, experts insist, is that you do your best not to go completely mad before the New Year.

One of the best ways to manage the car park is to hit the shops in a group.  Car sharing means less vehicles on the road, leading to more open spots overall, though be careful who you choose to accompany you on your quest, as back seat drivers can be major contributors to a decidedly Grinch-like Christmas shopping experience.

Another excellent way to manage motoring stress during the festive season is to not go out at all.  Many online retailers such as Amazon offer free shipping, though be sure to order now in order to get your parcels in time to present them to friends and family as Christmas gifts.

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