Sainsbury’s says icy conditions cause 1.3m accidents

According to research recently conducted by one discount car insurance provider, in excess of 1.3 million road traffic accidents were caused by icy conditions over the past five years.

Sainsbury’s Car Insurance states that, based on statistical data, icy roads could be the cause of approximately 264,00 road accidents in the coming year.  Meanwhile, the average cost to repair damage incurred in an accident which icy conditions played a role has been calculated to be more than £1,770 over the past half a decade, the motor car insurance provider also said.

However, the direct car insurance provider found that 39 per cent of respondents had no idea what was the best thing to do if their car began to skid on an icy road.  In fact, 27 per cent of motorists said that they would take an action, such as attempting to steer away from the skid, that could result in making matters that much worse, due to ignorance of the proper procedure.

Sainsbury’s car insurance head, Ben Tyte, remarked that no one will argue that driving in icy conditions can be dangerous.  However, the insurer’s new study found that an astonishing number of motorists lack essential knowledge on how to handle a car in wintry weather, with Mr Tyte commenting that drivers need to be more vigilant when it comes to safe winter driving.

The car insurance head urged all motorists to ensure that they educate themselves on the proper way to operate their cars in dangerous conditions, especially with another harsh winter expected.

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