Hastings Direct upgrading to uninsured motorist cover

One direct car insurance provider has recently announced it will be upgrading its motor car insurance to provide cover against uninsured motorists at no additional cost, industry experts recently reported.

Customers taking out insurance policies from Hastings Direct can now be safe from a wider range of calamities, as the provider of discount car insurance quotes will now be providing cover from vandalism and damage incurred by uninsured drivers.  Customers with comprehensive cover from Hastings Direct need not spend any more to gain the extra level of cover, as the insurer is not charging any additional fees for the higher level of protection.

The cover comes with even more additional benefits as well.  Going forward, motorists who are involved in collisions with others who lack insurance, or who are the victim of vandalism, can not only keep their no claims bonus but are also exempt from having to pay their excess as well.

Shaun Law, a spokesperson for Hastings Direct, remarked that the extra level of cover has been integrated into the insurer’s policies in an attempt to provide aid to Brits that are finding it a struggle to cope with the rising costs of living, as the inflation rate for the UK has surged to an eye-watering five per cent.  Mr Law also said that insurance policies should be there to offer protection, and with these extensions to Hastings Direct’s cover now integrated, the insurer believes that they are offering genuine peace of mind to motorists in the event of an unforeseen occurrence.

Uninsured motorists cost honest drivers around £500 million on an annual basis, according to figures from the Motor Insurers’ Bureau.  An additional £30 is added to the cost of each insurance policy in order to cope with these costs, the MIB also said.

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