Car insurance comparison site calls for increased fines

One car insurance comparison site recently joined forces with the AA in calling upon the government to raise the penalties and fines paid by car owners  found to be driving without motor car insurance.

New research indicates that as many as 2 million Brits – around one out of every 25 drivers in the UK – can’t be bothered to even take out discount car insurance and are instead driving while uninsured.  Uninsured motorists can cause £380 million worth of damage every year from car accidents, according to the Motor Insurance Bureau, which can add more than £30 to every honest driver’s car insurance rates to cover the increased costs.

Moreover, uninsured motorists have a higher likelihood of not only increasing premiums off the nation’s roads but posing greater risks on them as well.  According to the ABI, uninsured motorists are three times likelier to be pulled over for driving with a lack of due care and attention, six times likelier to be caught with a vehicle that isn’t roadworthy, and an eye-watering 10 times likelier to be found guilty of drink driving.

A spokesperson for one car insurance comparison site recently remarked that the lion’s share of honest motorists in the UK should not be askd to subsidise a reckless minority who make the nation’s roads less safe and more expensive.  The spokesperson called for harsher penalties for being caught driving without insurance, as the average fine of £200 does little to deter motorists when the average price of insurance in the UK is much higher than that sum.

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