Survey says 123m working hours lost each year to traffic

A recent survey conducted by a major provider of discount car insurance quotes found that more than 123 million working hours are lost every year due to workers getting stuck in traffic jams.

Motor car insurance provider Churchill found that the UK economy suffers approximately £752 million every year due to this lost time, even though around half of the nation’s motorists set off early for work and leave late in an effort to avoid heavy traffic.  Despite this, around one out of every ten drivers reported that, every time they became stuck in traffic, they were at least 40 minutes late getting to or coming from work.

The direct car insurance provider’s head, Tony Chilcott, remarked that more and more motorists are becoming frustrated by having to alter their working hours, sometimes drastically, in order to avoid sitting in traffic.  However, a large number of motorists have had to accommodate many morning commitments such as the school run, which makes it simply too unrealistic to head home from work as soon as the sun rises.

The health of the nation’s motorists is also being affected by traffic congestion, according to the survey.  At 19 per cent, nearly one out of every five respondents reporting that their stress levels would rise due to traffic-related delays to and from their place of employment.

In related news, Churchill’s home insurance division reported a 45 per cent rise in claims due to frozen and burst pipes last winter.  Three million homes were damaged by the severe winter weather occurring from October of last year and February of this one, according to Churchill.

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