Drinking this festive season? Leave your car at home

Brits planning on enjoying some fine spirits this festive season have been urged to leave their cars at home or run the risk of experiencing soaring car insurance rates, experts say.

One car insurance comparison site has recently issued the warning that discount car insurance quotes can be a thing of the past for anyone with a DR10 penalty on their licence.  Insurance experts for the site said that drivers with such a penalty can see their insurance rates increasing as much as 85 per cent, with the average annual policy of £424 increasing to more than £780.

Moreover, the comparison site’s experts also stated that there are some drivers that, when faced with a conviction for driving under the influence, may face extreme difficulties in attempting to secure insurance for their car going forward.  Industry expert Peter Harrison, the comparison site spokesperson, remarked that as the affects of alcohol differ from one person to another, it’s more often than not safer to just eschew any sort of alcoholic beverages completely if you have plans to drive that evening.

Driving under the influence of alcohol should never, in any circumstances, ever be an option, Mr Harrison said.  Instead, festive revelers should make sure that adequate arrangements have been set in place in order to get them home safe and sound, the insurance expert also said.

Independent charity DrinkAware states that, while 35mg of alcohol per 100ml of breath and 80mg of alcohol for every 100 ml of blood are the legal limits, the best course of action is simply not to drink at all if you’re going to be getting behind the wheel.

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