Swinton issues reminder of MOT testing changes next year

One of the largest online car insurance retailers in the UK recently issued a reminder to its customers of the MOT testing changes that are scheduled to go into effect early in the New Year.

Cheap car insurance provider Swinton warned of the new mandatory test items that the Department of Transport is adding to its annual MOT from the 1st of January 2012 in an effort to adapt to the highly complex electronic components in many modern cars.  Any and all owners whose vehicles cannot meet the new MOT requirements after testing will be given some time to undertake the needed repairs, but if drivers neglect to do so within the allotted time, no MOT certificate will be issued for their vehicle.

The motor car insurance provider said that there are many new items that will now be tested, including things such as battery and visible wiring condition, power steering, catalytic converters, and seat belt pre-tensioners.  More modern contrivances that will be added to the MOT test include the condition of airbags, electronic stability control, the brake fluid warning light, high intensity discharge lamps, electronic seat adjustment motors, electronic parking brakes, and tyre pressure monitoring systems, while headlights will also be checked in order to determine if they are set properly to avoid dazzling oncoming drivers at night.

Swinton’s claims manager, Steve Chelton, commented on how vital the MOT test is to road safety, remarking that the MOT test must keep up to date with the pace of technological advances in order to ensure that, when it comes to safety, all bases are covered.

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