Banned drink driver found back behind the wheel once more

One banned drink driver has landed back in hot water after he decided to get back behind the wheel, discount car insurance experts recently reported.

Police stopped Hartlebury native Paul Edwards, 30 years of age, of Waresley Court Road, on the 15th of November – behind the wheel of a car he had no motor car insurance for.  However, Mr Edwards had no business in the driver’s seat, as he was only two months in to his 23 month ban given to him this past September as a punishment for drink driving, and as the 30 year old man appeared in Worcester before magistrates, he freely admitted to not only driving without direct car insurance but driving while disqualified as well.

The prosecuting attorney, Liam Finch, remarked that Mr Edwards was spotted driving by the police officer, who had knowledge of his disqualification.  Mr Edwards, upon being informed of this by the police who stopped him, accepted this quite frankly, added Mr Finch.

The 30 year old’s defense attorney, Richard Hull, informed the court that Mr Edwards was on his way to work, and had not been able to make arrangements to get there without driving that day.  He has put his car up for sale since the incident, his legal counsel added.

A former recycling firm operations manager, Mr Edwards lost his job when he was convicted of his drink driving offence.  Since that time, he has found employment as a cleaner at another recycling company, where his role is to see the warehouse kept tidy.

Mr Hull said that Mr Edwards fully understands that the decision he made to drive his car to work was a foolish one, especially in light of how the court views those who still get behind the wheel while disqualified.  Mr Edwards has purchased a mountain bike in order to cycle to work, the defense attorney added, and has plans to move closer after the Christmas season.

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