Are honest motor car insurance holders getting raw deal?

Honest drivers and motor car insurance policyholders in the UK have been hot under the collar recently, as new data has come to light that indicates they may be getting a raw deal when it comes to English and Welsh courts penalising uninsured drivers.

While the maximum fixed penalty that someone caught driving without at least discount car insurance can be as high as £5,000, official records recently indicated that the average penalty paid is much less at only £200.  Drivers and car insurance companies alike have been up in arms upon hearing the news, with their complaints being that with penalties so low, and car insurance rates so high, it’s no wonder the number of uninsured drivers is on the increase.

Most insurance industry experts agree that it’s no coincidence that the majority of those caught driving without insurance, younger male motorists, are also the same class of drivers that are charged the most for cover.  According to the AA, drivers between 17 and 22 years of age pay an average of £2,342 for annual cover, which offers little to no incentive to stick to the rules and secure car cover – especially with premiums rising by almost 20 per cent in the past 12 months.

Official figures also highlight how younger male drivers are five times likelier to have additional motoring offences, such as driving with out a licence, an MOT, or without tax.  Figures also indicated that around 23,000 innocent victims are injured – and an additional 160 slain – by uninsured motorists on a yearly basis, though many police vehicles have been fitted with automated number plate cameras that can instantly identify uninsured vehicles, which has helped in reducing the number of these dangerous drivers on the road.

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